Should We Lease or Buy ?

Are you trying to decide whether you should lease or buy vehicles for staff in your organisation? There is a whole range of factors you should consider in order to make an informed decision:


Financial Factors

When you buy a car or van you are paying for the vehicle in full, upfront, irrespective of how long the company retains ownership of the vehicle. If the car is new, you are writing down the immediate depreciation as part of that cost.  However when you take a lease, your company is only paying for the part of the life of the car that is used.

Purchasing can provide your business with an asset, but unless your company is in the enviable position of being cash rich it is highly likely that you will have to finance the vehicle purchases.  In this scenario you will pay a higher monthly payment than you would if you were to lease. By choosing to lease as an alternative to loan financing, you will free a portion of working capital which can be put to better use to grow your business.


Fleet Management Partner Discounts

Occasionally it’s possible to drive a hard bargain with a dealership to get a better deal. However as a Lease Management client of Fleet Options you automatically gain the benefit of relationships we’ve spent more than 20 years building up with the manufacturers and distributors of the major brands.


Image & Perception

Leasing means that your drivers will always have modern, new or nearly new (depending on your choice) vehicles which will give your clients the perception of a company that is successful.  Particularly for sales people on the road this can be the difference between closing a deal or going back to the office empty handed.



Maintenance is one of the key benefits of leasing. Leased vehicles are newer and require less maintenance typically than a fleet owned outright.  Maintenance can be built into the cost of your lease, so your costs never fluctuate which allows for easier cost management.

Should you choose to buy your vehicles, keeping them in good working order can be a time consuming headache task. Having Fleet Options as your Fleet Management Partner means that you no longer have any headache in relation to maintenance because we will manage all of that for you leaving you to run your business. 



When owning your vehicles, you have to manage the mountain of paperwork and data involved in managing your fleet. With a reputable fleet management partner like Fleet Options you will find customer service supporting you and your drivers thus saving you valuable time.